A Brief Political Rant

I just realized that I actually wish that I could vote republican. I wish I had a real decision to make. That would be nice. I would like to make a pro/con list before an election in which I thought both candidates/platforms were viable and moral. But, I don’t. In my lifetime, the economy has tended to do better under the democrats (it may be a coincidence, I suppose, but it’s a fact*). And, beyond that, from issues ranging from civil rights to social safety-nets the dems always seem to have the moral high ground. The republicans often counter with arguments of “tradition” and images of “welfare queens,” etc. Well… I don’t think traditions of bigotry have a place in the America I love (they’re always beat in the end) and I’d rather pay to help feed three lazy people gaming the system than let one needy family go without in the name of fiscal responsibility. I’ll let you guess about me feelings on the moral imperative of healthcare. Still, all that said, I meant my original point. I wish my conscience would let me vote republican. I’m tired of the polarization. And, I have a feeling that this election might mark a sea change in the republican party that could just just grant my wish.

*A couple sources for that economy observation:



One thought on “A Brief Political Rant

  1. I hear you, Jarod. You sound like one of millions of disillusioned Americans who can’t get 100% behind either major party or candidates anymore.
    My simple answer to you is check out the Libertarian party at lp.org.

    If you know of Ron Paul and what he is constantly railing about in the media, most if not all of what he espouses is contained in the Libertarian Party platform. But our media, political and corporate system doesn’t want a third option presented to the citizenry, so alternative ideas such as those that come from Libertarians, or Green Party-ites, or other schools of thought, aren’t even acknowledged, let alone allowed into the discussion.
    I’ve been a card carrying Libertarian for more than ten years, and voted for Congressman Paul when he was the LP candidate in 1988. I’ve been an admirer of his ever since. Check him out, and lp.org too. You might find some answers along with renewed hope for the USA.

    Best wishes,
    (who rants occasionally on his blog, too.) 😉

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