Context Speculative Fiction Convention

I just had a fantastic weekend at the 27th Annual Context Convention in Columbus, Ohio. There’s just nothing like a good con to jump start my writing and leave me feeling energized and inspired.

The guests of honor this year were Jonathan Maberry and Betsy Mitchell. They were both great.

Jonathan Maberry’s workshop on YA fiction left my wife nerding out for… well, she’s still nerding out about it. And I was lucky enough to catch him on the Future of Comics panel. His knowledge and insights on the industry were really fascinating. Plus, he was more than generous with his time and advice outside of the structured panel/workshop setting. I just bought his Rot & Ruin series and I can’t wait to read it. Below is a pic of Jonathan Maberry and Leslie J. Anderson on the Future of Comics panel.

Leslie and JonathanBetsy Mitchell was also a delight. Her long and prestigious career in the traditional publishing world, coupled with her knowledge of the digital/small press publishing landscape, really made for fascinating conversation. I really hope to have the opportunity to work with her some day.

Beyond the incredible guests of honor, I had a blast interacting with many, many authors and friends. I was a panelist on a Nonfiction for Fiction Lovers panel and co-ran a speculative poetry reading/roundtable. I also, of course, spent way too much money in the dealer room and left with an armful of books. I especially can’t wait to read Matt Betts‘ novel Odd Men Out (I already know I love Matt’s poetry) and John Hornor Jacobs‘ novel The Incorruptibles. On the nonfiction side, I’m looking forward to Jennifer Brozek‘s Industry Talk: An Insider’s Look at Writing RPGs and Editing Anthologies. Can’t wait to start in on the pile!

So, if you’ve never made it to Context, put it on your calendar for next year. It’s one of my favorite cons. It’s small enough to feel friendly and intimate, but the level of talent and discourse doesn’t feel small at all.


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