My Story “84% Compatible” is up today on Daily Science Fiction

Check out my very, very short flash fiction piece “84% Compatible” at Daily Science Fiction! This piece originally started as a poem, but I later felt that the narrative would work better presented as short fiction.

DSF asked for my thoughts on writing this story and I told them I have no clue why I thought of a solar system wedged between two front teeth, but I thought of it more than once. That’s sometimes how story inspiration works for me. I don’t jot down every odd idea to pass through my head. If I did, I wouldn’t have time for anything DSFelse. When an image starts cropping up more than once, starts to stick, then I guess I start paying attention. This image, the shinning solar system peeking out between teeth, seemed interesting to me, but I quickly came to the “so what” question. Okay. You have a solar system in your mouth. The novelty would wear off for you pretty quickly. It would be as normal as a freckle on your cheek. You’d probably just want to get on with your life. Unfortunately, people likely wouldn’t make it that simple for you. So, what situation would really highlight that perennial struggle? A first date. And, maybe I’m a hopeless romantic, but I think there’s someone for everyone.

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