My Terrible Wonderful Writing Group

For the past two months I’ve been doing a weekly writing workshop with two author buddies, Leslie J. Anderson and Christopher Brian Phillips. They are both very talented writers and critiquers.

Like most new habits that are good for me, there comes a point after the initial enthusiasm and novelty start to wear off when I begin to feel like slacking. That happened a couple weeks ago, coinciding nicely with a spike in my day job stress/workload.

Unlike most other positive habits I’ve tried to start, however, I’m still sticking with this one, thanks to good old-fashioned peer pressure. Much like flame-throwers, peer pressure’s bad reputation just isn’t fair. And while peer pressure can’t evict raccoons from your chimney or light all the candles on a birthday cake at once (thank you flame-throwers), it can help you stick with a tough yet beneficial activity.

Our workshop is also reminding me about the rewards of the creative slog –the act of making my fingers type even when I really really don’t feel like it. I’ve really been proud of my writing lately, and some of the best stories I’ve written have come from my Wednesday workshop story deadline.

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