Selected Publications
Short Fiction:

“Emergency Exit”
Daily Science Fiction
Forthcoming – 2016

“Accident Report”
Forthcoming – Winter 2017pseudopod

“My Dog is the Constellation Canis Major”
Metaphorosis Magazine
July 2016

“The Herpetologist’s House Call”
Plasma Frequency Magazine
Quarter 1 2016

“The Better Angels of ParasitesStrangelet1-2_Cover-ONLINE
Strangelet Press
Issue 1.2 August 2015

“Aisha Bets Her Life on Magic”
Cast of Wonders
February 2015

“Accident Report”
Midnight Echo
April 2015

“The Herpetologist’s House Call” Fantasy Scroll-008-cover-small
Plasma Frequency Magazine

“84% Compatible”
Daily Science Fiction
February 2015

“One Story Home”
Shroud Magazine
Spring 2015FS5 Cover

“Making Ends Meet”
Fantasy Scroll
August 2015

“Mr. Merkel’s Mug”
Mad Scientist Journal
Spring 2015

“Sticks and Stones”
Fantasy Scroll
February 2015

“The Wylde Hunt”
December 2014

“A Junker’s Kiss”
The Colored Lens
Summer 2014

“The Clasp”
Cast of Wonders
May 2014

“Behold the Monster in Repose”
Jersey Devil Press
Legendary Creatures Issue

“Company Policy”
Plasma Frequency MagazineShroud2015Spring
Issue 10 – Feb/March 2014

“Garden Variety”
April 2014

“The Clasp”
Daily Science Fiction
December 2013

“Allegory at Table Seven”
Stupefying Storiescolored lens
November 2013

“The Shallows”
The Colored Lens
Summer 2013

“Regular Human Doctor”
AntipodeanSF #181
July 2013

“Bulls and Magic”
Electric Spec
June 2013

“The Damascus”
Deimos eZine
June 2013

“Calling Fire” July Metaphorosis Cover
Swords and Sorcery Magazine
March 2013

Alien Sky Anthology
March 2013

“The Wrong Side of the Wall”
The Again
February 2013Issue 10 Cover Preview

Escape Pod
December 2012

“Love Notes for the Sun”
March 2012

Ray Gun Revival
January 2012

“Quality of Life”
October 2011


To Be Announced


The Planters’ Season
October 2016

The Changeling Answer
March 2015

The Dark Mountain Project
Winter 2013

“Keeping Company”Apex 70
April 2013

“Better to be Safe”
Eclectica Magazine
January 2012


100 Prompts for Science Fiction Writers100 Prompts
Sterling Press
November 2014

“Lovecraft’s Doorstep and Milton’s Chaos”
Innsmouth Free Press
September 2013

Inklings: 300 Starts, Plots, and Challenges to Inspire your Horror, Science Fiction, and Fantasy Stories  (with Leslie J. Anderson)
June 2013Inklings

“The Decentralization of Morality in Paradise Lost”
The Rocky Mountain Review
Fall 2010 – Vol 64.2