The Writing Process

Step One: Open laptop.


Step Two: Check email and facebook.

Step Three: Click on friend’s link of Dio singing God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen. Feel the yuletide metal galvanizing your writer’s spirit, tempering it in the fires of Ronnie James Dio’s full-throated ear-baptism.

Step Four: Hey! The internet! I forgot about this thing. Folks spin many a yarn of the wonders of the internet, if I recall correctly.

Step Five: I have no time to write! I just remembered that echidnas are a thing!

Step Six: Learn that a baby echidna is called a puggle and feel a deep piggy-the-pugglesense of satisfaction about that knowledge. All is right with the world.

Step Seven: Convince yourself that writing a blog post about writing counts as a “warm up” to actually writing a story.

Step Eight: Google imagine search echidna puggles.

Step Nine: Play Skyrim.

Step Ten: Go to sleep and dream of many a mighty viking puggle.


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